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Afrand engineering industry in the design, manufacture and installation of steel mezzanine floor (Mezzanine Floor) highly specialized, works. Relying on the experience and knowledge with a view to a global industry, enabling the production of metal, with standard principles has provided mezzanine. Afrand company utilizes industry experienced technical and administrative groups, ready projects all over Iran. The flexible design of steel mezzanine floor (Mezzanine) by industry Afrand respond to a broad group of customers with different needs and desires are.

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Mezzanine Floor

Benefits mezzanine metal

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Satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers are added to the satisfaction of the industry.

Benefits mezzanine metal

Design and manufacture of all types of metal floors and metal shelves for increasing the efficiency and usefulness of your warehouses and factories.

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Specialized in the production and implementation of scientific and half metal floor (Mezzanine Floor) as a structure with superior engineering. Production and sales of metal to ensure compliance with all principles mezzanine and safety standards across the country.


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