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Our steel mezzanine cost-effective choice for achieving additional spaces will be needed.
This lower cost structure with respect to any new construction and the creation of larger sites will be sought.
Metal mezzanine allows you to use all the resources available in their environment have a greater exploitation.
Finally, a mezzanine improve the efficiency of the precious metal you.

Engineering Calculations
We design and engineering calculations is half metal floor. This would save time and cost for hiring the expert and allows you to use your time and resources spent on other things.

We are just plated metal mezzanine. We produce according to the specifications of the project and the time required for the installation of our action.

Express Install
Most of the projects are related to production to transportation and installation process can be done very fast. 25 square meters per day.

No interference with existing business process
The mezzanine floor is made of metal and can easily be installed in place, shut down and discharge line installation is not required. This is a huge advantage, especially in places that should always be operating.

Half metal floor can be easily disassembled and moved to a new location according to your needs, whether in the same room or even to a location outside of the current environment.

At a time when the need to add space to the mezzanine floor is installed, it is easily and quickly done before Vbnabh need new mezzanine floor will become a new and wider half.



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Benefits mezzanine metal

Design and manufacture of all types of metal floors and metal shelves for increasing the efficiency and usefulness of your warehouses and factories.

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Specialized in the production and implementation of scientific and half metal floor (Mezzanine Floor) as a structure with superior engineering. Production and sales of metal to ensure compliance with all principles mezzanine and safety standards across the country.


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